Counselling Style

At Perspective Counselling, I use a collaborative approach with clients to find new behaviours and responses to problems that work better for them. In my practice, I use the client’s knowledge of their own life, including the problems they face and the abilities they bring to overcome those issues. Understanding the problem(s) as experienced by the client is vital to addressing the issues appropriately. Developing clarity about the problem also can lead to new perspectives about the problem and lead to solutions.

By seeing life differently, together, we can find new solutions to old problems and develop a new way of life for you.

Faces or vase?

Faces or vase?
A different perspective can change your view of life too

In my counselling, I look for abilities of the client which have been overlooked. These abilities are always a source of support and empowerment in the changes she/he chooses to make. Together, we search for the style of change that has worked for the client in the past, and adapt it to best address the present issue.

In combination with more traditional techniques, my primary approach is a relatively new counselling style, Narrative Therapy. This method can provide new answers to problems where other approaches have not succeeded.